Dem Senator Hirono Claims Trump Not Acquitted, But Then Gets A HARSH Dose of Reality

(Chicks on the Right) – Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) had to be corrected by none other than CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday night.

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In the exchange, Senator Hirono falsely claimed that President Trump was not acquitted in his impeachment trial.

BLITZER:  The Senate has clearly spoken now.  The President was acquitted.

Hirono:  Wolf, he wasn’t acquitted. It was a rigged trial.  You don’t get acquitted when you don’t even get to call witnesses, or relevant witnesses, or have the documents because the president stonewalled all efforts on the part of the House to get the information they requested. So, there you go. It was a rigged trial.  He can run around saying he was acquitted but you don’t get acquitted in a rigged trial.

Blitzer:  Well, I just want to point out, Senator.  There was a roll call, guilty or not guilty.  Not guilty was the majority and the Chief Justice of the United Sates announced that he was acquitted, that he was not guilty.

That was delicious to watch. It is nice to see CNN doing some actual fact-checking, or better yet, reality-checking.  Blitzer was directly contradicting the Democratic talking points.  This is a refreshing change since CNN is usually propagating Democratic talking points.

Even CNN appears to know that the Democrats need to stop digging and move on from impeachment.  The longer they go running around trying to remove the president, the better his chances of re-election become.

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