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Democrat Arrested For Grabbing Woman By the P***y


South Dakota democratic politician has been arrested for sexual assault after he grabbed a woman by her p***y.  Curiously, the state party didn’t condemn him.   South Dakota lawmaker and professor Reynold Nesiba has been arrested after he was accused of sexual assault of a 51 year old woman who said Nesiba grabbed her by the p***y in the kitchen at which time she told him to leave.  Later, she found him naked on her bed.  She said he threw her on the bed and tried to take her clothes off.  He finally quit trying after she kept insisting she had to go to work.

Police were called about a sexual offense Sept. 28, where the 51-year old victim alleges Nesiba made repeated unwanted advances after the two shared a kiss. The victim alleged that she asked for Nesiba to leave, but later found him naked in her room. Nesiba allegedly threw the victim to the bed, while trying to undress her.

The victim told police that Nesiba grabbed her in the kitchen, reaching under her pants to touch her vagina as she struggled. Finally, Nesiba relented after the victim repeatedly said she had to go to work.

The Democratic Party acknowledged the severity of the charges, but failed to actually condemn the alleged actions. “These charges should be taken very seriously,” the statement read. “While the legal system does its work in discovering the truth in this matter, it is inappropriate to comment any further.”


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