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Democrat Senator Has NASTY Gift For Older Woman After She’s Raped By Illegal Who Was Deported 20 Times

Democrats have spent years bashing Republicans for being the party of old white men. Democrats claim that they themselves are the champions of women’s rights and the Republicans hold women and minorities back from their true potential, but then when it really counts the Democrats are nowhere to be found. They talk a big game merely to gain support from the naive uninformed masses and to remain in power.  However, if many of these Americans only knew the truth, the Democrats would all be kicked out of office by now. They are hypocrites in the greatest sense of the word.


Take for example a recent case in Portland (which is a far-left-leaning Sanctuary City) where an elderly woman was raped by an illegal immigrant who was reportedly deported a whopping 20 times prior to this incident. When Democratic Senator Ron Wyden was asked to address this issue, he blew it off. Perhaps this was his reaction because he knows that it is impossible to answer for this crime since he himself backs the policies of the city and will lose votes if he speaks out against either side. He is in quite the pickle. The truth is that his silence on the matter proves he is no champion of women and he is a selfish politician who only wishes to stay in power much like the rest of them. The lies of the Democrats continue to be exposed on a daily basis, and sooner or later people are going to wake up.

According to The Daily Caller:

 Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden on Tuesday blew off wanting to talk about an elderly constituent in his state who was raped by an illegal immigrant that was previously deported 20 times.

Wyden refused to answer The Daily Caller’s questions about the illegal immigrant accused of raping a 65-year-old woman at her Portland home and assaulting another female in the area. Portland is a sanctuary city.

“We’ll have more to say about that another time. Today is about taxes,” Wyden said, before he veered off to discuss issues pertaining to the Russia investigation.

The man charged with attacking the women on July 24, 31-year-old Sergio Martinez, was released by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office one week before the attacks, according to a letter from Sheriff Mike Reese.

Martinez only served 31 days in the Multnomah County Jail before he was released on July 17.

However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials claimed last week they had issued an immigration detainer against Martinez back in December 2016. The agency also requested local authorities notify them prior Martinez’s release, so federal agents could take him into custody.

But Martinez was released into the community without officials informing ICE.

Sheriff Reese pointed the finger at ICE in a statement to NBC’s local affiliate, saying that his office could not detain Martinez any longer.

He added that ICE should have lodged a criminal warrant signed by a judge as opposed to a civil detainer on Martinez and his office was only following the law “consistent with the orders of the court.”

So ICE requested that they be informed of this guys release and since local authorities didn’t do their job, an innocent woman pays the price. It’s outrageous that these Sanctuary Cities are allowed to operate in this manner and allow these criminals to roam free and hurt innocent civilians. Where is the outrage from the feminists and tolerant left? How do they justify these actions and continue to support a man who clearly has his own agenda? Are women not important enough for Ron Wyden to even mention the incident when asked about it? These are questions that need answers and we are not being told the truth. How can Trump be the problem when he is doing all in his power to curb illegal immigration and the Democrats are doing everything to stop it.  Wouldn’t that be an indication that Trump is the true champion of women?

Democrats have a lot to answer for and it’s time the people start looking at these incidents and realizing that Trump is doing everything he can to make this country great again and safe for the citizens that have a right to live in this country. The Democrats continue to prove how dangerous they are, and their supporters are so uninformed it is scary. You didn’t have to say anything Sen. Wyden for us to know that you are no champion of women.

H/T Daily Caller

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