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Dems Display Dummy From Tree With Deeply Disturbing Message Written On It

A dummy with “GOP” written on it and a sign bearing Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s name was found hanging from a tree in Tennessee.

The doll was wearing a dunce cap, and the sign reading “Marsha” three times had an “X” drawn over it.

It also featured an additional sign that said “STOP THE HATE.”

FOX 17 reported that residents in the city of Shelbyville, where the doll was found, were outraged.

GOP Chair Sandy Still told the outlet that the dummy isn’t the first to be found in Bedford County.

“It happened in the Romney-Ryan election,” Still said. “They had him hanging in the tree covered in red paint and signs on there with slashes through it, that kind of thing. And then Trump, we had the same thing hanging there”

Blackburn is running for Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s Senate seat in a close race against former Gov. Phil Bredesen (D).

Protesters screamed at Blackburn last weekend during a campaign event as she tried to hold a moment of silence for victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue attack.

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