Did You Know That Twitter Can Collect Your Data Even If You Log Out And Delete The App?

Twitter can track your online activity even after you delete its app from your phone and log out across all browsers, thanks to a setting that can only be disabled by accessing a particular page on Twitter’s website.

Even if you’ve logged out of Twitter and have uninstalled the app from your phone, chances are the platform is still tracking your device, unless you access Twitter’s website, go to “Personalization and Data Settings,” and disable the data collection.

Breitbart News verified the story by testing Twitter’s data collection on an Apple iPhone, following a tip from banned conservative Twitter users @TheALX.

Even when Twitter’s app was deleted from the iPhone, and no Twitter account was logged in, navigating to Twitter’s “Personalization and Data Settings” page via a browser revealed that data collection on the device was still enabled.

According to Twitter’s personalization page, all it takes is one login on a device to activate data collection across all devices until users discover the setting and switch it off. As the page explains, unless you switch off the setting, “Twitter will always personalize across the devices you’ve used to log in.”

Not only that — it goes on to explain that “Twitter may also link your Twitter account to other devices — ones you’ve never used to log on to Twitter — to help measure and improve your experience” (emphasis ours).

In other words, even if you’ve never logged on to Twitter on a particular device, chances are the company is still collecting data from that device, although the page doesn’t explain how it links a person’s account to a device they may never have used Twitter on.

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