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DISGUSTING: NFL Team Replaces The American Flag With NASTY New Version

While the Green Bay Packers took care of business in their game on Sunday, another element of the on-field festivities raised some eyebrows.

During the national anthem, the team used a red, white and blue banner. The banner had stars on the blue stripe.

“It’s not American, not American at all,” said Sandy Austin. “There are a lot of people who have quit the NFL because of the pre-game stuff and all that’s going on.”


In a statement, Packers spokesman Aaron Popkey said the banner was not meant to represent the American flag.




The banner used during Sunday’s pregame ceremony supplemented the three U.S. flags on the roof of the stadium and the flag carried by the color guard on the field. We’ve used such displays from time to time in the past when other pregame elements take up a significant portion of the field. To avoid causing confusion, we will not be using such displays in the future.

With about 200 band members from the University of Wisconsin Marching Band performing the national anthem and taking up much of the playing field, fans like John Liddy said they understood why the Packers used the banner.

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