Eight Point Doe Shot in Wisconsin

Everyone who hunts has some kind of story about that awesome shot or some of the the great memories with the family, but usually it’s all about that big prize buck. Imagine the surprise of an Abram’s hunter’s when the monster buck he shot this year, was actually a doe.

Wayne Douville has been hunting since he was 16 years old. He claims to have shot around 130-140 bucks over the course of his lifetime, but says he will never forget the day he shot an 8-point doe.

For the past four years, Douville had been hunting on Mel Buckmaster’s 141 acres. For the past two years, he has been seeing a monster buck with his night camera.

“I would say to my wife this deer is huge. I am going to go after this deer,” said Douville. So when the buck finally showed itself Monday afternoon, Douville didn’t hesitate.“It was just safety off, on the trigger and the deer went down.”

He hung it up and prepared to dress the 222 pound buck. but then he realized something was strange.

“You can see right here that this has mammary glands,” said Douville. “When you start the dressing process, you go to the masculine part of the deer and it wasn’t there and I didn’t know what to think about it.”

Jeff Pritzl, a wildlife biologist with the DNR, said it has to do with testosterone levels.

“In deer those females that might have a higher testosterone level it’s expressed with antler growth,” said Pritzi. “it’s rare, but it does happen. About one out of 100,000.”

“I’m still kicking this around in my head,” said Douville. He plans to have the entire deer mounted.

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