Email Release Shows Hillary Doctored Another Email…FBI Closing In


In the most recent email release, it shows that Hillary ordered Huma Abedin to remove all identifiers from an email sent to her by Sidney Blumenthal.  Identifiers are supposed to kept all correspondence to and from government workers.  This particular email contained information about the insurgents (terrorists) in Libya and how they needed more help in overthrowing Gaddafi.  It also expressed concern about Benghazi after terrorists had captured Dutch Marines west of Tripoli.

In his memo, Blumenthal touted the idea that the US could use private mercenaries or security firms to help the rebels.  Hillary was apparently open to the idea. Curiously, a total of fifteen of Blumenthal’s emails were not among the sixty that existed.  Congressional investigators found the emails were missing when Blumenthal provided his copies of the emails.

It is very possible that Hillary wanted to use the memo to help convince the administration to aid in the “liberation” of Libya.  That would explain removing the identifiers.  Hillary was strictly forbidden from hiring Blumenthal after the dirty political tactics he used when he was working for the Clinton campaign against Obama.  Also, Blumenthal had business connections that would benefit greatly should Gaddafi be overthrown.

This comes on the heels of a leak from intelligence sources that reported that the FBI is gathering evidence against Hillary for public corruption.  That case revolves around donors to the Clinton Foundation that received favorable treatment from the State Department under Hillary.  Sources say the evidence collected so far is enough for a conviction against anyone but an elite liberal.

The FBI went public and cried bloody murder after Eric Holder refused to prosecute Gen Petraeus and all he leaked was a copy of his schedule.  The mishandling of confidential information under Hillary is allegedly overwhelming.  The FBI report and recommendation is expected to be out in two months or less, which places it right in the middle of the nomination process.


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