Establishment RINOs Surrender on Rubio…Touts Paul Ryan


In yet another show of desperation by the Establishment elites, they talk swirling around in Washington is that Paul Ryan could be next in line to try to take out Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Rubio made a short term run but quickly faded because the base does not want open borders or unlimited H-1B visas.  Bush faded the moment that Trump entered the race.  Christie, Graham and assorted other establishment shills never made a dent at any time.  The choosing of Ryan as the next savior shows that the cupboard is bare.

For some strange reason the Establishment feels that since the Louse of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for Ryan, including the ill named “Freedom Caucus”  that voters would swarm to another weak kneed liberal republican.  They still haven’t caught on.  The RNC did more to create Trump than Donald did.  They are the ones who stirred up the anger in the base, it was just that Trump was the first one along to give those voters a voice.  The race is his to lose and even if that did happen, they’d have to deal with Ted Cruz.

It is really too late for Ryan to enter the primary races unless he does it as a spoiler, but I could see him winning Wisconsin and little else.  But if it becomes a brokered convention, the Establishment could select Ryan as the republican nominee.  I doubt this would be feasible if Trump wins enough delegates outright to lock up the nomination and Ted Cruz is the only opposition Trump needs to fear.  I could see Cruz dropping out if it was clear he couldn’t win, leaving Trump a clear path to victory.

On the other hand, if Cruz comes on and takes the lead in the primaries, he then would become the target of the Establishment.  Look for the Establishment to try to cook the election in order to deny either men enough delegates to win the nomination.

Why do I believe the Establishment is considering the deeply flawed Paul Ryan?  Guests on three of the Sunday political shows all touted a possible Ryan nomination.  Such balloon floating is usually the precursor of action unless the balloon is quickly and effectively shot down.

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