Famed Country Singer, Alan Jackson’s Daughter Comes Forward And Reveals What We’ve All Long Suspected

Alan Jackson is a great musician, an impressive songwriter, and a talented vocalist. He’s also a dad with a life beyond country music — one that’s not in the spotlight. Now, one of his daughters has revealed what most of us suspected about him all along.

Alan Jackson is a legend in country music with quite the impressive resume and legacy, having earned several Grammy Awards, CMA Awards, ACM Awards, a membership in the Grand Ole Opry, and even induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. However, he has received no greater honor than what his daughter shared on social media.

“Even though I’ve done a lot, I still don’t feel quite worthy,” Alan Jackson said of his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. “But I feel like it’s an honor to qualify for what it requires to be in here with these great people,” Jackson told Rolling Stone. “I’ve always tried to make music the first priority – not being a star, not being in the spotlight, just trying to make music that I loved, that the fans like, and not compromise that to fit into something else.”

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