FBI Caught Red-Handed: Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting Was Planned

Now, new shocking revelations are coming out about the 2016 tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. In fact, the revelations are so shocking that it should put these two behind bars, but we will see how that goes, right?

Here is more from Biz Pac Review:

Page 203 of the IG report suggests that Bill Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI detail about their meeting when their planes were on the tarmac:

“The OPA (Office of Public Affairs) Supervisor said that he later learned that former President Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail to let them know that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch. Although Lynch’s staff was supposed to receive notice of such 204 requests, witnesses told us that they were not informed of the request from former President Clinton.”

That’s not accidental. That’s a meeting.

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