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Fired Employee Gets Revenge On Famous Restaurant Posts Secret Sauce On Social Media

Large restaurant chains that have secret recipes for their foods and sauces pride themselves on the fact that what they are offering is special, and the mystery presented to the consumer adds to the allure. However, when these restaurants have to fire employees, there is a risk that the former employee may divulge company secrets. This is exactly why the Coca-Cola Corporation actually keeps the secret recipes for their products in an actual vault.

One such restaurant learned the hard way that revealing the secret recipe to the wrong employee can have consequences. Last year, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant fired an employee, and this employee decided to reveal the recipe for the company’s secret sauce. However, the employee didn’t have the exact recipe according to Raising Cane’s management, yet many on social media who claimed to have followed the revealed recipe indicated the taste was spot on compared to what was offered in a Raising Cane’s restaurant.

Here is more from The Clever:

The popular fast food chain Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers fired a female employee and invited trouble as the lady leaked the secret recipe details of one of their popular sauces. The company managed to keep the recipe secret for years as it was considered its winning formula over the competitors.

The girl, after being fired from Cane’s, took the entire thing to Twitter: “Canes fired me they lil sauce ain’t shit but mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper & garlic powder.”

When her tweets went viral, she was asked to prove her claims. In response, the girl revealed more details about the sauce with exact quantity of its ingredients.

As a result of this workplace revenge, the Cane’s had to start damage control and the company released a statement saying that only a few managers know the actual recipe and the girl was not among them. But Those who tried her recipe claim that what she revealed was accurate. You can check her tweets (@JanniAreYouOkay) as she didn’t even bother deleting them.

As technology advances and companies rely more and more on social media, the internet, and e-commerce, there will always be less than smart employees who think they can get one over on their employer. Unfortunately, some of these revenge incidents have life long-lasting consequences for a simple bit of satisfaction. Is it really worth it?



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