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Former Secret Service Makes Chilling Prediction About Trump’s Safety After Noticing 1 Thing At The White House

Dan Bongino was a former Secret Service agent who served in the security details of both Presidents Bush and Obama. Bongino said on Saturday that President Donald Trump “is not secure in the White House right now as it stands.”

Here is more from Breitbart:

“If one guy with a backpack and Omar Gonzales with a bad knee could get near the residence of the White House, can you tell me with a straight face that a forty-man tactical assault team with heavy weapons wouldn’t take that place down?”


Bongino was referring to a 2014 incident in which Gonzales penetrated the north portico doors of the White House, reportedly brandishing a three-and-a-half-inch folding knife in a back pocket.

“This is inexcusable,” Bongino said of the latest incident. “How many of these are we, as the citizenry, going to tolerate, whether under Barack Obama or now President Trump, before there is enough citizen outrage that the Secret Service actually does something?”

But, that is not all he had to say.

“The secret service is not ready right now to defend the White House,” he charged. “They’re not. I know that may make people uncomfortable. And frankly, Aaron, I am really getting tired of some of the talking heads on cable news who have never done one minute in the shoes a secret service agent.”

Bongino is spot on and something needs to be done about this situation and quickly. There are enough people out in the world that want to do Trump harm, which means the Secret Service needs to step up their game. This cannot be swept under the rug and pray they get it right next time. It may be time to drain the swamp in the Secret Service as well.

What do you think?

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