Garth Brooks points to an elderly fan, leaves the stage after reading her sign

The crowd roared as Garth Brooks stepped out into the spotlight of the Lafayette, Louisiana Cajundome for the final concert of his tour. The arena buzzed with energy as Garth performed, picking people out of the crowd and taking their song requests.

After only a few songs, Garth stopped the concert abruptly, noticing a hand drawn sign among the sea of faces reading “Elvis was my last concert.”
garth 2

The stadium camera panned to the sign and revealed a smiling, elderly woman clutching the cardboard proclamation. Garth attempted to get the woman’s name with the help of the crowd, but after some confusion, he decided to speak to the woman himself.

Garth jumped off the stage and made his way through the crowd, finding the elderly woman and introducing himself.

The woman explained that her name was Laura and told Garth that she was a widow, there with her daughter and granddaughter for her 89th birthday. After marveling at her “fantastic” looks for a woman turning 89, Garth asked the inevitable question: “how was Elvis?”

garth 3

Laura answered him off mic.

“Okay well we’ll keep that between us,” Garth chuckled.

After a few more bits about Elvis, Garth told the woman that he would sing her whatever song she would like for her birthday.

Then, Garth broke into a rendition of “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” serenading the elderly lady and increasing the memorable quality of the second concert of her life. There is even speculation that Garth Brooks was brought to tears during the performance.

The special song was not the only thing Garth gifted to Laura that night. Watch the footage of the concert below to see what else the country music superstar gave the 89-year-old for her birthday.


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