Gettysburg Just A Made a Major Decision About the Confederate Flag In Their Gift Shops

Gettysburg just made a decision about the Confederate battle flag that’s stirring up mixed reactions.


The gift shops at Gettysburg National Military Park will no longer be carrying items that feature only the Confederate flag.

Pittsburgh Action News reports:

Gettysburg, the site of the Civil War’s pivotal battle, said Thursday it will no longer sell 11 items that use the battle flag as a stand-alone feature.

The bookstore says it will continue to offer items that feature both the U.S. and Confederate flags, as well as books, DVDs, and other educational materials “where the image of the Confederate flag is depicted in its historical context.”

However, Gettysburg isn’t the only historical site that’s pulling Confederate flag merchandise from its shelves. According to USA Today:

The National Park Service is removing all Confederate flag standalone sales items — such as belt buckles and keychains — from its bookstores and gifts shops, National Park Director Jonathan Jarvis said Thursday.

We strive to tell the complete story of America,” Jarvis said in a statementon the park’s mission. He noted that the killing of nine black parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., last week had sparked a national discussion about historic symbols and relics such as the Confederate flag.

Even though a lot of campaigns to ban the Confederate flag have launched in recent days, this particular move generated a lot of debate via Twitter.



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