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Girl Attacking Elderly Man on Steps of Supreme Court Goes Viral – Things Don’t End Well for Her

A video of a girl in jeans shorts dancing around an elderly man who is peacefully protesting in front of the Supreme Court went viral over the weekend.

The video was shot during protests in front of the high court after the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and shows the girl trying to knock two signs out of the man’s hands. The signs read “She is a good liar” and “Arm teachers, protect kids.” During the brief video, the girl is also shouting “Hey hey, ho ho, Kavanaugh has got to go!” in his face.

Here is the video:

Of course, people were outraged by her antics and took to Twitter to express their disgust.

Well, it appears that this disrespectful brat is not dancing anymore as we discovered that the “tolerant” liberal was arrested.

Good! Now, maybe she will learn that her actions do have consequences.


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