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The Army has delayed a decision on whether to kick soldier out who beat down pedophile in Afghanistan as he had a young boy tied to a post and had raped him for days.  Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland had confronted known pedophile and child pimp, and a local Afghan police commander, who laughed in his face.  Martland knocked the perv on his ass.   The Army then decided for defending a helpless child was worthy of expulsion from the service.  The assault took place on a US military base.

 Congress is lobbying the Army and the Pentagon in order to clear Matland’s good name.  GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter told the Daily Caller:

“Charles stood up to a child rapist and he did in a few minutes what the Afghan justice system or our own military leadership couldn’t.  He saved that boy and his family from further harm, and the corrupt Afghan commander got the message loud and clear, in the form of a boot to the neck.”

The extension before a decision is made, seems to coincide with the Inspector General’s report that there was sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation into the fact that base personnel were told to stand down and not to take action no matter what he did.  This was done even though they knew he was running a sex ring of young boys.  After the accusation was made , the IG began questioning service men and women and found the accusation to be adequate to launch a full investigation.

The reason the Army didn’t want to do anything about the rapes is because they were training local forces to fight and they didn’t want to do anything to disturb that cooperation.  If you hear a loud noise, ignore it.  It’s just Washington, Jackson, Grant, Roosevelt (Teddy) Pershing and Ike rolling over in their graves at the same time.

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