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Grieving Dad Snaps During Trial Of Son’s Killer And Then Takes Matters Into Own Hands

I could not even begin to imagine the pain this family was going through when they lost their child. Which is why this outburst in court was no surprise when one family member smarted off to the grieving father.


Here is more from Daily Mail:

The father of a man killed outside a Florida convenience store in 2016 had to be held back in court Thursday after a relative of the murderer’s relative was heard making a vulgar comment after his guilty conviction.

Frank Daly III, 30, was shot dead during an altercation with Marquis Valentine outside the Kwik Stop on 6th Avenue in Lake Worth three years ago.

After hearing Valentine’s first-degree murder conviction, someone thought to be his family member was reportedly heard saying: ‘At least he’s still alive.’

CBS 12 reports it was that comment that triggered the slain man’s parent, Frank Daly Sr, to lunge in the direction of the killer’s supporters.

Other relatives of the victim were also visibly upset by the reaction from Valentine’s side but some opted to restrain Daly Sr as a heavy guard presence kept the situation under control.

Nobody was hurt. All the while, Valentine sat calmly in the Palm Beach County court.

Daly Sr, the grandfather to the father-of-two’s children, continued to speak when he was brought down from a bench he tried to climb over to access the back row.

Tears streamed from the eyes of Daly’s loved ones. One of them responded the comment from Valentine’s side was ‘disrespectful’.

CBS 12 reports that before the insensitive comment from Valentine’s supporter, a judge had asked a distraught family member of the killer to leave the court room due to her loud crying.

After she was ordered out, the person made the comment about Valentine getting away with his life despite being sentenced to the remainder of his time alive behind bars.

Prosecutor Terri Skiles had to explain what led to the outburst to Judge Weiss as the Daly family asked Skiles to apologize on their behalf.

The judge then revealed what they already knew, Valentine would get life in prison without parole, the mandatory sentence for a first-degree murder conviction in the state.

Valentine heard his fate as he approached the door to be led to a cell.

Daly – who was a sous chef at Cabo Flats – was on his way home to his fiancée and child on July 31, 2016 when he was fatally shot in the chest.

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