Guess What Democrats Want Us to Pay for the Illegal Aliens Now


Democrats have already decided Americans must pay for illegal alien’s every need and desire, but this is just too much.  They say we must now pay for the lawyers to defend the illegals for invading our country.  I would actually be for paying for them to visit a lawyer, in say Tijuana.  These cases drag on for sometimes years and there are a lot of billable hours.  Plus the lawyers will be forced to charge more than their normal fees in order to be able to afford the kickbacks the democrats will demand.

Many people think the largest contributor to democrats are the teacher’s unions, but that’s just not so, it’s the Trial lawyers of America.  Of course, the bill will never get passed, but then maybe it wasn’t supposed to.  Liberals aren’t into problem solving.  They are into using problems to their political advantage and if they ever did solve one, they would have one less wedge issue to use.

This is why Harry Reid says it’s so important to grant them lawyers at taxpayer’s expense:

“Look, deportation means death for some of these people.  Given the life-and-death consequences of deportation to this region, we must ensure that we are not putting asylum-seeking women and children in harm’s way. We can do this by making sure that these desperate women and children have a lawyer.”

It leads to death?  Well, I always say never let a good crises go to waste.  Raise your right hand if you are in favor of deporting Harry Reid.  If that is truly why Harry “Century 21” Reid wants to keep these leaches here, then isn’t he wrong?  After all, according to liberals the United States are the most murdering country in the world.  We’d be doing them a favor if we deport them.  Besides that excuse is just a lie.

From the Washington Times:

The Obama administration, advocacy groups and congressional Democrats say the families are fleeing horrific violence back home, are often targeted by gangs, and deserve a chance at asylum in the U.S.

But in interviews with Border Patrol agents, the illegal immigrants overwhelmingly say they’re coming because they believe they can take advantage of lax enforcement policies in the U.S. and disappear into the shadows with other illegal immigrants.

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