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Gun Shop Owner Warned FBI About Orlando Shooter 5 Weeks Before


Before Omar Mateen shot up the Pulse nightclub, he attempted to buy heavy armor from Lotus Gunworks of South Florida, who refused to sell him anything after he asked several suspicious questions and tried to buy equipment which is illegal for civilians to buy.  The owner of the gun shop, Robbie Abell called the FBI and reported Mateen.  That was just five weeks before Mateen went on his killing spree.  The lights are on at the FBI but apparently no one is home.  They didn’t even have to investigate, they could have just made sure that if Mateen bought a gun or guns, they would be notified that a background check had been run for Mateen.

Local CBS 12 checked and they found that Abell had followed all of the proper procedures.

From Breitbart News:

The FBI had been alerted to Mateen as a potential terrorist in the past. The FBI had investigated Mateen for violent remarks and suspect behavior three times between 2013-2014, while he was employed as armed security personnel at the firm G4S. He was never fired despite being investigated, however, and the FBI eventually dropped their probe against Mateen.

Witnesses speaking to media who knew Mateen throughout his life have consistently described him as odd, unsettling, and violent. Former classmates recall him threatening to kill everyone present at a cookout on one occasion because of the presence of pork meat; a former G4S coworker said he routinely discussed committing a massacre.

With all the information coming out about Mateen, one has to wonder why they did not continue working on him.  He talked and acted violent his entire life.  One has to wonder if they saw he was a registered democrat and that’s when they decided to drop the investigation.



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