Here Are 15 Valuable Coins You Should Keep An Eye Out For

15 Valuable old coins you should look out for

1)    1894-S Barber Dime: one of the most prized coins in America. It’s said that only 25 of this dime were minted but only 9 survived. In 2016, this coin was sold for 2 million dollars.

2)    1913 Liberty Head Nickel: in 2003, one of this coin was sold for under 3 million dollars.

3)    1943 Lincoln Head Copper Penny: made out of copper, the real one could fetch you $10 000.

4)    1955 Double Die Penny: the double die penny has the rareness of a blurred image, but could be sold for $1 800.

5)    1992 Close AM Penny: the closeness between the ‘A and M’ on this penny makes it rare. Only few exist and one could be sold at $20 000.

6)    2004 Wisconsin State Quarter: millions of this quarter were minted in 2004, but only thousands of them were marked with an extra leaf on a husk of a corn. These extra leaf coins are sold for up to $1400.

7)    2005 “In God we Rust” Kansas State Quarter: the grease error on the T on this coin makes it rare. It’s valued at $100.

8)    1970-S Proof Washington Quarter: this quarter has previously been auctioned at $35 000. The date and inscription ‘S’ on it makes it rare.

9)    2005 Speared Bison Jefferson Nickel: if you find a nickel that has the image of a stabbed buffalo, it may be this coin.

10)    2007 Godless Presidential Coin: this coin was minted without the motto making it valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars.

11)    Ben Franklin Half Dollar: the half dollar coin was in circulation for a long time, that’s why it’s not so rare, but still worth a hundred dollars.

12)    1982 No Mintmark Roosevelt Dime: all coins have marks of where they were printed, and It’s valued each at $300.

13)    1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar- Class: this coin is a 19th century produce and has previously been sold at a whopping sum of $4.14 million.

14)    1907 Saint Guadens Golden Eagle: a gold coin named after its designer. It’s regarded to be one of the most beautiful coins of all times and is roughly valued at $7 million.

15)    Wheat Pennies: most wheat pennies are common and still in circulation, they are also worth more than $300.

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