Here’s The Surprise Reunion A Mother On Deployment Planned For Her Son That’s Going Viral [VIDEO]

Military homecoming surprise videos have been circulating the internet for quite some time and they never seem to get boring. Maybe because they offer all those feel-good emotions that a lot of today’s news doesn’t provide. There is a lot of depressing news that can leave you down in the dumps, but these homecoming videos are always a guaranteed way to lift your spirits.


Parents who come home from being deployed are thinking up some pretty clever ideas to stun their spouses and children. One United States Air Force Staff Sergeant is showing us that while she may have missed many special moments in her son’s life, she didn’t miss one of his proudest.

When SSgt. Georgina Walton decided that she was going to surprise her six-year-old son Brody, she wanted it to be an epic moment that he would remember forever. She decided to catch her son off guard right when he was throwing the first pitch for the baseball team, the RiverDogs, in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Georgina had grown up going to the RiverDogs games, so watching her son participate in the sport was a dream come true and a moment that she didn’t want to miss. Having been deployed to Asia for seven months, Georgina needed this moment with her boy.

“I grew up going to the RiverDogs games. I looked to see when the games were and there was one the day after I came back. I talked to the coaches and they let him throw the first pitch of the game,” said Georgina.

In the video below, you can witness the heartfelt moment unfold right after Brody throws the first pitch. Little does he know, his mom is approaching the field from the dugout, while a newscaster starts to interview him.

“Hey Brody, your mom has been away for awhile right?” the newscaster bends down so he is eye level with Brody. “Do you miss her?” He instantly nods his head yes.

Immediately after the newscaster asks him if he would like to see her, he nods and looks up to see his mom on the field. Without taking a moment to think about it, Brody races across the baseball field and jumps into his mom’s arms. It’s evident that the two are happy to be reunited and the moment is one that will be relived forever. Tears are shed and cameras swarm around the two of them, capturing the moment forever.

“The deployment isn’t bad,” said Georgina, who is a medic in the Air Force. “It’s being away from Brody that’s so hard. I’m missing so much and missing the milestones in his life is very difficult.”

This is the second deployment that Brody and his mother have made it through together and it’s certainly not an easy thing to endure. Children go through so many milestones in such a short period of time, so Georgina has certainly missed out on more than she has wanted to, but it will hopefully make their moments together that much more special.


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