HILARIOUS: Bad Lip Reading Presents Sarah Sanders and the Daily Press Briefing

I am usually not into videos too much, but the new one put out by Bad Lip Reading is so funny, I have now watched it five or six times. It would be exactly like the real press briefing if the press and Sanders were totally honest. When Sanders got to the podium and looked at the reporters, she said to herself, “I need a drink.” It’s all downhill and side splitting from there. You will watch it more than once. It is already in the top 10 YouTube vidos and for a good reason.

From The Daily Caller

It was only a matter of time before the YouTube satire channel Bad Lip Reading got around to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ often tense exchanges with an oft-adversarial White House press corps.


Well it’s finally here, and it was so worth the wait.

In a video published Thursday and currently trending in YouTube’s top 10, Bad Lip Reading may have intended to lampoon Sanders, but in the process ended up nailing exactly what many Trump supporters think of the “Fake News” media.

All the usual suspects are here from the White House’s daily briefings, but what they have to “say” this time will have you rolling.

Now, you tell me. Is that really what the briefing should be like everyday? I get very sick of Jim Acosta and April Ryan trying to make the briefing about them. Then you have the ridiculous questions with even more ridiculous follow up questions. maybe Sarah Sanders can pick up some pointers from the video. It would be a lot of fun to see what names she would give some of her antagonists.

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