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Hillary Devised One Plan and It Was a Disaster


The president of the United States is supposed to come up with grand plans to make life better for the citizens who live here.  First, they have to identify a problem, then they are expected to devise a plan to resolve that problem.  They send it to the congress and they and their staffers are expected to lobby members of congress and convince them that their idea deserves a chance to be implemented.  This is difficult because under normal circumstances, your party will back the bill and the other party opposes it, but that’s not necessarily so.

In her lifetime, Hillary has devised one plan on her own and it was an unmitigated disaster.  That was Hillarycare.  It wasn’t just because no one wanted government healthcare.  The democrats would have loved that.  From the very beginning, if there was a wrong move, she made it.  Her task force was made up of over 100 people.  They were all lawyers.  Not one doctor was consulted.  At the same time that Hillary was writing Hillarycare, Bill was writing his crime bill.  The n the crime bill did.interesting thing was the Hillarycare bill mentioned being sent to prison more than the crime bill did.  For example, if someone who is rich wanted to buy more healthcare, both the patient and the doctor could face prison, in the interest of equality.

Hillarycare was actually the precursor to her email system.  The work of her committee was done in absolute secrecy, ignoring the Sunshine laws that governed  governmental agencies.

It was not a surprise when the media virtually ignored a story later in February by Washington Timesreporter Paul Bedard that appeared under the headline, “First lady’s task force broke law on secrecy.” Bedard noted that reporters had been denied access to the first task force meeting. He went on to quote a number of attorneys and experts who asserted that this was in violation of something called the Federal Advisory Committee Act or “FACA.” The little-known law, on the books since 1972, applies when a President convenes a group of people which includes private citizens to advise him on a particular issue. Although the President is advised by all kinds of formal and informal bodies within his Administration, FACA kicks in only when non-government employees or “outsiders” take part.

According to a litigation handbook published by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, FACA is “intended to protect against undue influence by special interest groups over government decision making.” The law requires meetings open to the public and press, advance notice of meetings, and other “sunshine” measures. The legal experts quoted by Bedard claimed that since Hillary was not a government employee– the First Lady does not receive a salary– her participation in the task force triggered FACA.

In the end, the bill produced by Hillary was so bad that a democratically controlled congress decided not to even bother bringing it to a vote.  The bill was too complex and limited options in getting medical treatment because it considered the wealthy getting more care was inheritantly unfair.  Congressional leaders decided the bill was a nonstarter.

Now, here we are in 2016 and Hillary, whose only real accomplishments has been to name a post office and to get four brave men murdered in Benghazi, wants to be president.  If we wanted failure, we could just keep Obama in the Oval Office.  At least he wouldn’t see New York and California to China in return for major contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

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