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Hillary Traded Favors for Morocco for 28 Million Dollars


Hillary traded several favors to the Moroccan government in exchange for cold hard cash.  Clinton is an honest politician.  Once you buy her, she stays bought.  Clinton combined with former EPA director, Lisa Jackson to try to shut down Florida-based Mosaic Company in 2011.  They are the largest miners of phosphate mining.  Coincidentally (or not) the biggest beneficiary would be OCP a Moroccan mining company who would have gotten the majority of the business once Mosaic was gone.  As for Jackson, after leaving the EPA, she went directly to work for the Clinton Foundation.

The second and probably the biggest favor Hillary did for Morocco was to ease restrictions so that US dollars could be put to work in the territory of Western Sahara where OCP operates phosphate mining operations.  Ironically, those restrictions were in place because Morocco illegally annexed the area.  No country in the world recognizes Morocco’s claim except the US during the Hillary years at the State Department.  Those two favors netted the Clinton Foundation 16 million dollars.

The other 12 million came from a secret quid pro quo deal between Clinton and Morocco.  Hillary agreed to a Clinton Global Initiative conference in Morocco with Hillary as the speaker and a telephone call from Bill Clinton the the ruler of Morocco.  She fulfilled all of her requirements and she received the promised 12 million dollars.

Wikileaks emails provided the facts behind the case and I wrote about it in the following post.

What will she sell next?  Rhode Island?

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