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Hillary Won Her Own Term Herself Last Night..I’m Guessing 20 to Life



Hillary not only lost the election last night but in all likelihood she will also lose her freedom.  Look at the people he has to choose from as far as prosecuting Hillary.  Chris Christie brought public corruption charges against 130 people and he got 130 convictions.  You can’t do much better than that.  And then he has Rudy.  Rudy is no Loretta Lynch and Christie is no slouch.  Hillary will face trial and she will be found guilty.  The Clinton Foundation will go down, too.

That is the reason Hillary was so desperate to win.  If she won there was no way she would ever be prosecuted.  James Comey won’t be around and The Donald is not going to allow Hillary’s mole to stay in charge of the investigation against her.  I also look for Hillary’s aides to be prosecuted and documents that have been withheld by Obama and Clinton to finally see the light of day.

She will be convicted for her emails and for taking bribes from Clinton Foundation donors.  Too bad they can’t do anything about Benghazi.

On Tuesday night, Hillary received her sentence from a jury located all across the country.


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