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Horrifying Story Of Girls Sexually Assaulted By a Muslim At Waterpark Just got MUCH WORSE

Six young girls were sexually assaulted by a Syrian refugee at a waterpark. This assault didn’t take place in Germany, Sweden, or in Belgium. This attack took place in Canada, which is pretty close to home.

Soleiman Hajj Soleiman has been charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference after the six girls — all under the age of sixteen — reported to police that a Syrian migrant inappropriately touched them while they were swimming at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark this week.

The Syrian refugee, a 39-year-old father of six, was arrested at the scene after the girls reported the incidents to a lifeguard. The leftists in Canada as well as her in America will do their best to minimize the claims of these six young girls, but we know the truth.

Creeping Sharia has covered numerous reports of sexual and physical harassment and assault across five different provinces — all perpetrated by Syrian migrants and all of them have been perpetrated on publicly funded schoolyards.

Of course, the Canadian fake news media are suppressing all relevant information on this story, and the media here in America is silent as usual.

Here is what they DON’T want you to know:

Germany, Sweden, and France have all been reporting giant leaps in sexual assaults of women and children by Muslim REFUGEES since the surge began, and now it’s happening in Canada. Watch:


The world is full of liberals that are trying hard to hide these stories or down-play the details and it is sickening. All the while innocents are being hurt and abused at the hands of these disgusting pedophiles. These incidents are getting closer and closer to home and each one is more brazen than the last. Enough is enough, and we are ready to fight back!

H/T [ Creeping Sharia ]


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