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Illegal Aliens Demand Scholarship Money For American Citizens

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Illegal college students in North Carolina are  demanding that they be given grants to help them pay for college, even though those grants are paid for by legal American citizens for legal American citizens.  North Carolina has a scholarship program called “Say Yes To Education”, a program that helps students in the poorest counties in the state pay for their college.  Now, illegal aliens living in those same counties are demanding that they too receive taxpayer money for college.  The amount of money available is not infinite and they could bump citizens from the program if approved.

What a sense of entitlement.  This is why liberals want to bring as many illegals as they can.  Illegals love their freebies and will vote for the party that supplies them.  Some illegals register and vote now.  5,500 illegals voted illegally in Colorado a few years back.  The number could actually be much higher.  And liberals want amnesty and they believe they can get it because there are a lot of liberal republicans who want open borders like Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy.

Araceli Garcia-Garnica, an illegal says that the only difference between herself and a legal citizen is a sheet of paper.  That’s true.  The only difference me and a brain surgeon is a piece of paper.  Does that mean I should legally be able to open up people’s skulls?  You need a piece of paper to drive a car or teach school.  These little pieces of paper carry a lot of weight and let me remind you that all immigration laws are printed on a little piece of paper.

The bottom line is we need to deport the leeches and let them demand from their own government, not ours.

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