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Illegal Immigrants Vow to Resist Trump…All the Way to the Mexican Border


Illegal aliens added some comedy relief on the night Donald Trump became the president elect of the United States.  Like all criminals, they believe their crimes are justifiable.  They are calling on Barack Obama to halt all deportations and for communities to set them up as sanctuary cities.  Good luck with that.  Donald Trump isn’t Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  He will cut off funds from sanctuary cities.  He will also likely cut off all federal funding for illegal aliens.

Cristina Jimenez, co-founder of United We Dream said:

“Immigrants are declaring a state of urgency and resilience. Over the coming weeks, our families and community members will need to tap into the incredible strength that brought us to this country and which we use to survive.”

“All people with love in our hearts are angered and disappointed tonight and pledge to resist mass deportation.  ICE and CBP have proven themselves to be agents of racism and agents of hate.”

Donald Trump has promised to triple border agents and to build a wall along the border.  Illegal immigrants don’t like that because it makes it harder to return after they have been deported.

From the Washington Times:

Hispanic-rights groups had predicted a massive turnout in the election to oppose Mr. Trump, and in the run-up to Tuesday’s vote, when polling showed Mr. Trump losing, they prepared to take credit for denying him the White House.

Instead, white voters turned out in large numbers, putting Mr. Trump on the cusp of victory Wednesday morning. He needed only a single further win across a handful of states to cement things. (Which he got with room to spare)

A win would give Mr. Trump a chance to undo Mr. Obama’s executive actions on immigration, including his 2012 deportation amnesty for so-called Dreamers, the young adult illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and grew up here.

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