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In Florida 1 in 6 Democrats Voting Trump


A poll out by PPP shows a disturbing pattern.  Disturbing if you are a liberal anyway.  It seems that 16% of democrats in Florida are planning to vote for Donald Trump for president.

From PPP:


PPP’s newest Florida poll finds a very tight race for President in the state. In the full field Donald Trump gets 44% to 43% for Hillary Clinton, with Gary Johnson at 5%, and Jill Stein and Evan McMullin each at 1%. But in a head to head between Clinton and Trump, the nominal lead flips to Clinton at 47/46. That’s because voters who support one of the minor candidates or are undecided in the full field pick Clinton by 12 points over Trump if they had to choose just between the two major candidates.

This shows another disturbing bit of news for Clinton.  It appears that the majority of voters voting for third and fourth party candidates are coming from would be Hillary supporters.


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