Investigator Issues Dire Warning To Trump About Mueller’s Investigation And What He Needs To Do To Stop It

Over the last year and a half, the American people have been witnessing the never-ending drama from Mueller and his absurd Russian collusion case. As the investigation continues to be drawn out with no end in sight one Judicial Watch investigator has come forward to state what President Trump needs to do to end this obvious witch hunt.

In a recent interview on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs, Judicial Watch lead investigator, Chris Farrell stated that Trump needed to start fighting like “hell” since Mueller’s investigation is a slow-motion political coup.

“Truly our government is a captive of a corrupt legal system, a corrupt Justice Department, a corrupt set of judges, a corrupt government Deep State and the obstructionism of RINOs and Dems…what in the world will we tolerate next?” Lou Dobbs asked Chris Farrell.

Chris Farrell began by firing a warning shot to the President.

“It’s now time to fight like hell,” Farrell said as a warning to Trump’s team.

“This kind of sitting back and letting it play out and letting all these characters run the tables, make their various declarations, moving the ball. Look, this is really not a legal investigation. This is a slow-motion political coup that’s being carried out by legal processes,” Farrell continued.

Farell is absolutely right that Trump now needs to take the gloves off and start fighting harder since the corrupt left won’t stop. The deep state is not about to back down until they are in control of the White House and that cannot be allowed to happen again. After eight long years, of Barack Obama destroying the nation with his devious schemes we finally have a president that is putting America first. We need to back our president and demand that he fight back and put end to this nasty investigation once and for all.


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