Jimmy Carter Drops Reality Bomb on Democrats Trying to Impeach Trump


Former President Jimmy Carter said that he does not support certain Democrats’ desire to impeach President Trump in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Business Tuesday afternoon.

“Mr. President, there are many in your party who are salivating at their prospects in the midterms. Talk of a blue wave.  Many of them are mentioning the “I-word” —  impeachment — if they get control of the House. What do you think of that?” Cavuto asked.

“Not me,” Carter responded.” I don’t talk about impeachment, I think that’s the wrong thing for Democrats to do. And I think they … 2018 elections are just completely unknown now. I’m not actively involved in politics anymore as you know, but I’ll be helping the Democrats the best I can, and I presume you’ll be voting Republican. I don’t know for sure, but you don’t have to tell me. But I think that the American people will make the right choice.”

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