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Judge Slaps Down Obama’s Attempt to Kill Voter ID Laws in Three States


Obama, joined by the League of Women Voters had sued Kansas, Alabama and Georgia in order to do away with laws that required anyone registering to vote to prove citizenship.  That would have made it harder for them to register fictitious names and illegal aliens.  The plaintiffs asked for an injunction against the enforcement of that law.   Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that although it might be inconvenient  for registration workers, it is still easier than trying to understand Obamacare or the US tax code.  He denied their request.

Curiously or maybe not so curiously, only democratic voter registration groups opposed the law.  Not a single conservative group objected to the law.  Voter registration is a valuable tool for voter fraud.  Once a name is registered to vote, anyone can vote under that name, either in person or by absentee ballot.

Judge Leon ruled:

“The organizational plaintiffs and their members will undoubtedly have to expend some additional time and effort to help individuals.  But let’s be candid: doing so pales in comparison to explaining to the average citizen how the [Affordable Care Act] or tax code works!”

The fight over voter fraud has been going on all year long.  In one count in Kansas, it was discovered that at least 25 illegal aliens attempted to register to vote.

In 2011, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office investigated illegal aliens registering to vote.  That report concluded:

The Department of State recently compared Colorado’s voter registration database with driver’s license records to determine whether non-citizens are registered to vote in Colorado. Starting in August, 2006, people seeking a Colorado driver’s license have been required to show proof of legal presence. Accordingly, in 2006 the Department of Revenue began recording the type of document that established an applicant’s legal presence in Colorado. The Department of State requested these records from the Department of Revenue this January and compared them to the voter rolls.

The comparison identified 11,805 individuals who (1) were non-citizens at the time they obtained a driver’s license, and (2) are registered to vote. As discussed below, the Department of State is nearly certain that 106 individuals are improperly registered to vote. And potentially many of the remaining 11,805 individuals are also improperly registered to vote. It is impossible to provide a precise number, however, because voter registration data are inconclusive.

It was determined that almost 12,000 illegal aliens were registered to vote and that at least 5,000 of those actually voted in the Senate election 2010 senate election.  How many elections over th last 16 years would have been decided by those 5,000 illegal votes?

Obama can take comfort in knowing the other 54 states do not have a similar law.


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