Kamala’s Christmas Morning Tweet Tells Us ONE Thing That We All Should Know

Christmas morning means a lot of good food and fun with family for most people in the world, and Kamala Harris had to show everyone she is like us all.

In a Christmas morning tweet, Harris showed everyone her “domestic” side and it has many people scratching their heads.

I have nothing negative to say about this. Gumbo, chiles relleno’s, and tamales sound like a little piece of heaven. right?


(ACTUALLY, I TAKE THAT BACK. It’s chileS rellenoS unless you had ONE stuffed pepper. PANDERING FAIL, KAMALA.)

And while I didn’t think too much of this, others saw it as a SURE SIGN.

Ha! Boom there it is!

Let’s be honest, this tweet is a far cry from her tweet last year!

Very generic and well not personable in the slightest bit.

It looks like someone on the campaign team told her to get more “personal” and “real.”

You know… to avoid the robotic failures of Hillary past.

Well, this is to remind the American people “they are just like us”.

Or could it be this?

Now, that I would watch!


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