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Kid Hospitalized After Having Halloween Candy

A five-year-old had a seizure just right after coming back from Halloween trick or treating and had a positive result for methamphetamine.

It’s Halloween again, a memorable season filled with so much fun for kids around the world digging their candies right away. But for Barylen Carwel and his family, it was a different story with no fun in it as Barylen had a candy tainted with meth.

The 5-year-old Barylen was rushed to the hospital after he began shivering, just immediately after arriving home from the galion’s annual Sunday trick or treat.According to a report, the father of the five-year-old boy said his son had only eaten a couple of pieces of candy and was playing with a pair of a fake vampire’s teeth before the seizure. The boy little who was later rushed to the hospital was diagnosed of having meth in his urine which the doctor said it must have been from the candy he had. “his candy was tainted” said the doctor.
His mother, Julia Spence being perplexed for a while described how the incident happened “the left side of his face was just droopy, immediately he fell to the ground and couldn’t move his arms” she said

Although he is recovering the little effect of the drugs is still on him“that’s why one minute he is hyper the next minute he’s all calm and tired” she explained further. However, Pence said she still remains more than grateful to God that her son is still alive despite all.

Concurrently, the police investigating the situation retrieved the sweet from Barylen’s parent and kept it as evidence. However, according to police chief Brian Startafield “right now,  nothing is specific” and “we need to narrow it down to see if really there was something that was tainted”.

Prior to the incidence, the Galion police department also advised a parent to look after their wards and whatever candy or items they are given during the Halloween trick or treating.
However,  a post was also made on the police fan page by the cops to further warn parents about the potential dangers of not checking on their kids during Halloween and not to fail in reporting every suspected case to the police.

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