Large Crowd Gathers to Watch Mysterious Lights Over Myrtle Beach [VIDEO]

Mysterious lights hovering over the city of Myrtle Beach, SC drew a large crowd of locals and tourists. They appeared to be hovering in one spot before moving off.

From Myrtle Beach Online

A time-lapse video taken from a pier in Myrtle Beach appears to show mysterious lights hovering above Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The video, posted to the Mutual UFO Network website, appears to show a series of lights hovering in the night sky over the resort town.


The person who submitted the video to the UFO sighting website said they were taking pictures and a time lapse of a thunderstorm from a pier. “I was taking the pictures off the edge of a long pier after dark, so there were no reflective surfaces around. I did not notice the objects until i returned home and checked the photograph and video,” the person wrote.

The video was posted on the UFO Stalker website late last week, but the person said they shot the time-lapse on Aug. 5.

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