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Leftist Media Concedes: McCain’s Funeral Was ‘Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet’


Meghan McCain’s eulogy at her father’s funeral was, in part at least, an effort to bash President Donald Trump. And former president Barack Obama joined in as well, to the delight of the media. In fact, the media’s response to the funeral bashing was almost as bad as the bashing itself.

It goes without saying that a funeral is supposed to be about honoring and celebrating the deceased, not about putting a spotlight on someone else or using it as an opportunity for political attacks. It’s pretty sad that even in death, it became about the Trump Derangement Syndrome and in the words of New Yorker writer Susan Glasser, “the biggest resistance meeting yet.”

“Donald Trump’s name was never mentioned. It didn’t have to be. The funeral service for John Sidney McCain III, at the Washington National Cathedral, on this swampy Saturday morning, was all about a rebuke to the pointedly uninvited current President of the United States, which was exactly how McCain had planned it,” she claimed.

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