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Liberal Spin on Hillary: Comey Working for Putin



Every time I think the liberals have become totally brain dead, they prove me wrong by setting a new record in idiocy.  They are spinning the reopening of the Crooked Hillary investigation into a Comey is doing Putin’s bidding.  He didn’t send the Russians 20% of all United States uranium for a total of 145 million in corrupt quid pro quo payments.  Hillary did that.


It’s a Putin plot!

For GOP’r James Comey to speculate 11 days before an election, I can only assume he is colluding w/Trump, alt-right racists & Putin.


is no better than in trying to manipulate the election.


Putin – Comey- TRUMP!

@brianefallon @nbudzinski Comey has proven himself to be unfit to head the FBI! Dump him along with Putin-Puppet Trump!

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This is no coincidence.  Democrats held a focus group to determine how to spin this.  Must have been a really stupid focus group.

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