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LOL: Watch ISIS Fighters Start CRYING Like Scared Little Babies After Being Captured

A video emerging from the Middle East is going viral after 3 ISIS terrorists were captured by Soldiers in Iraq. Not only are their plans for killing the infidels and establishing a global caliphate now ruined, but now they’re being epically embarrassed too, after their hilarious response when being caught is now being circulated for all the world to see.

We’ve all seen the bloody trail of destruction that ISIS terrorists leave in their wake when given half the chance. But get these inbred morons all alone, and suddenly they’re not so tough anymore. In under 10 seconds flat, they go from thinking they’re the world’s #1 badasses, to crying scared little b*tches.


Nothing like getting a taste of your own medicine! The beatings these ISIS retards received is mild compared to the torture and torment they’ve inflicted on other people. Hopefully, these Iraqi Soldiers “finished the job” once the cameras stopped rolling. Good freaking riddance!

H/T [Daily Mail]



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