Mainstream Media Lies About Whataburger Teens Calling Them Racists Who Initiated Attack

The news media is at it again. The teen who filmed the MAGA hat attack and theft by Kino Jiminez at a San Antonio, Texas, Whataburger restaurant denies accusations reported by the media–and then retracted (by only some news sites)–that he and his friends provoked the attack by allegedly saying racist remarks: “an article was released saying someone who was in the restaurant (even tho the only ones in the restaurant was my group and the guy who confronted us’s group.) said that we had provoked the man with racial slurs and much worse things, which never happened…this article was pulled due to “concerns about the legitimacy of the statements.”

The video of the attack that went viral (10,700,000 views on Twitter and counting) does not include what led up to the attack, but it does show the attacker using racist language and not complaining about the boys doing so.

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