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Man Believes Son Was Eaten By Inmates During Prison Uprising

Juan Carlos Herrera Jr. and one other inmate were unaccounted for when prison guards re-entered the facility after the calm returned and did a routine count. The Táchira mutiny had started as do many of the hundreds of mutinies that take place in Venezuelan prisons every year – so far this year there have been close to 200 riots.

According to Latino.Fox News:

On Sept. 8, a group of prisoners protesting overcrowded conditions took eight visitors and two guards hostage and demanded some of the 350 prisoners be transferred somewhere else (the Tachira Detention Center’s capacity is 120). A month goes by and finally, on Oct. 7, the government authorizes the transfer of 16 inmates. The next day, Herrera and Anthony Correa were nowhere to be found.

This is horrible for a father to hear such news about a son. Tot think there are people who can do this to another human being.  A police source told Fox News: “Two [inmates] are missing. They cut them up and fed them to several [of the fellow inmates], they made the bones disappear. Dorancel cut the flesh.” It was not clear who the third man referred to by Mr Herrera was. Iris Varela, Venezuela’s minister of correctional affairs, denied that the two men were eaten. But when the inmates are  nowhere to be found there stands a good reason to believe that this is possible. Considering the fact that the prisons are suffering from the economic crisis that engulfs Venezuela anything is possible. What do you think?



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