Man Dressed as Woman Takes Pictures in Women’s Restroom

A man disguised as a transgender woman was caught taking pictures of a woman in the bathroom at a gas station. This is something the liberals said would never happen and they insisted a very small minority should get the preference over the vast majority. The Democrats are having a tough time getting elected, so they are trying to build a coalition of “victims” who see the Democratic party as allies, at least until they find something better.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen an increasing amount of incidents where women using the bathroom have become the victims of perverts willing to pretend to be transgender, especially in Target stores, where they have access to everywhere women are exposed. Either the bathroom or dressing rooms. Unfortunately, Democrats and judges have decided these women have no rights.

From Breitbart


Shawn Thomas Hallett, 38, was arrested and charged with voyeurism after authorities received a call from the QuikTrip (QT) gas station on Academy Street near downtown Greenville, Fox Carolina reported.

The victim said she was startled when she heard a male voice coming from a stall in which she could only see a pair of women’s shoes. Instead of leaving the bathroom, the victim used a different stall. But the woman said the situation escalated when she saw a hand holding a cell phone appear under the stall wall.

She then ran out and alerted the gas station attendant and called the police.

Police found the suspect near the gas station, still dressed as a woman with a video of his victim in the bathroom stall. This madness has to end. The PC police must not avail. Women are quickly losing their right to privacy.

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