Man Got Revenge On This Craigslist Scammer In the Most Satisfying Way [WATCH]

A man who is selling Yamaha FZ8 in Craigslist encountered a scammer. He then slams the online scammer in the most satisfying way.

Craigslist is really a useful tool for buying and selling stuff locally. However, you have to get past all the nasty weirdoes and scammers to enjoy it.

The person below was approached by a strange guy, asking if they can PayPal the money, then have an agent pick up the item at a later date. It is clear as day that they are not legit to most people, but some newbies out there might fall prey.

If you have sold anything on Craigslist, there is a good chance you have been in the same situation.

The scammer’s name is Jessy, who is asking if the 2012 Yamaha FZ8 that cost $4200 is still available.

After the seller confirmed the availability of the item, he then ask follow up questions like if the seller is the first owner , if the car is still in good condition, and what is the reason for selling it.

The scammer is really good in their conversation.

However, everything went wrong when the scammer said that he will be paying through ‘PayPal’. He then asked for personal information like full name, email address, cellphone number, and even pick-up location.

The seller requested for phone call but the scammer gave him senseless alibis, so the man insulted him and gave him the revenge that he deserved.

Another Craigslist user also shared his experience in YouTube. The pattern that they are using in fooling people is pretty obvious.

The person also played with the scammer. He found out that the scammer is in Nigeria by obtaining the IP address. He then sent a package to the scammer that will absolutely ruin the scammer’s day.

Online scammers and fraud are rampant nowadays. You can be a victim if you will not be vigilant in disclosing your information.


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