Man Ordered to Remove Display That Frightened His Neighbors


The Lodge at El Dorado has ordered a tenant,  Duy Tran, has been ordered to remove a display from his balcony that is threatening to his neighbors.  Of course, I’m talking about the American flag.  I can understand that.  If I were an enemy to the United States, the flag would scare the crap out of me too, because there are usually some very big and very determined soldiers running along behind it.

Tran insists that the property manager told him that the flag is threatening to Muslims and must be taken down.  She now denies ever twlling Tran any such thing. She claims that the flag had to come down because of the apartment complex rules on the aesthetics of the complex.

Tran’s flag continues to fly off from his balcony and he says it will stay there until the complex shows him where it against the rules rather than some mindless liberal playing politically correct.  I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems to me that if such a rule truly exists, they could have provided it to him in a matter of minutes.

This is America and if you don’t like our flag, you are more than welcome to put down your EBT card and then you can catch the first plane or ship out of here.

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