Man Sets Out To Disprove Trump’s Claim About Sweden, Look What Happens When He Runs Into Muslim Migrants!

People around the world realize that there is a Muslim refugee crisis. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that Sweden, Germany, and other, European countries are struggling with the influx of refugees. However, the left insists that there is no problem and that this is just a lie made up by evil racist conservatives. Well, one reporter in Sweden wanted to check it out himself and what happened to him proved Trump right again.

For the past week, Tim Pool has been researching and conducting interviews in Sweden. Pool also visited the migrant suburbs in order to get an accurate depiction of the issues plaguing the country. Tim had left the suburb of Malmo and went to visit Rinkeby, the scene of the riots last week and what he found was frightening.

Here is what happened upon his arrival in Rinkeby.


“We weren’t filming anyone, we were just talking to police. They started getting nervous as men started masking up around us,” tweeted Pool.

The men began “staring” at Pool and talking to each other, he adds.

“The police started getting scared and and very calmly and quietly said it would be smart if you were to leave right now. He told me to look around at what the people were doing,” said Pool.

“As we were walking out people started following us. The police escorted us to our car and we left. We had one small camera that we weren’t pointing at anyone,” said Pool.

“The men thought that we were Swedish press. As we were leaving they started yelling things us,” Pool then tweeted.

So, what I am gathering here is that Trump was exactly correct and there are no-go areas. Wow, look at that, the media lied again to everyone. This reporter was not doing anything and was forced to leave because of threats of violence. These are not at all a peaceful suburbs, but dangerous hot spots of refugee violence. The media wants this covered so that these people will continue to flood our borders and overwhelm the system.

It just proves that Trump was right again, and we do need a stronger vetting process.

What do you think?

H/T [ InfoWars ]

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