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Man Waits Till Marriage To Have Sex With Fiance, Makes Discovery Night of Wedding That Had Him Calling For Divorce

The old saying that the truth is stranger than fiction has been thrown around to explain away some stories. However, it could not apply more to this strange story.


In a strange case that was played out on a courtroom television show, a man states that he wants to divorce his wife after learning that she did not have a vagina.

Though that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The husband also claims that he saw his wife having sex with her own mother.

Here is more from Daily Mail:

Viewers of a Spanish reality show were left speechless after a husband claimed he was divorcing his wife because she had slept with her adoptive mother – only for her to reveal his reasons were due to her not having a vagina.

Alejandro appeared on Spain’s answer to Judge Rinder Caso Cerrado or ‘Case Closed’ seeking a divorce and attempting to sue his wife Tania.

Speaking to host Ana María Polo, Alejandro says: ‘I am here to sue this shameless tramp. 

‘I demand a divorce and I’d like to have her removed from the deed to my apartment. I caught her having sex with her supposed “mother” on the night of our honeymoon.’

In his shocking claims, Alejandro explains that he and Tania had dated for one year before marrying and that she had requested they wait until marriage to have sex.

On their wedding night, he claims Tania avoided consummating their relationship and that he later discovered her adopted mother ‘penetrating’ her with a dildo.

Despite his insistence Ana María Polo is unconvinced, describing his story as sounding ‘superficial’, turning to Tania for further explanation.

Tania then shares her own shocking confession: ‘I don’t understand why he’s omitted the main problem. 

‘I’m not like other women. I was born without a vagina’ she says. 

‘I was born with Rokitansky syndrome. It’s a congenital abnormality where a woman’s vagina is either extremely small or nonexistent. In my case it was nonexistent.’

Tania goes on to explain that after becoming engaged to Alejandro she decided to have surgery in order to have a vaginal canal formed.    

She continued: ‘After having surgery. I dreamed of giving myself to him as his wife. I know he has needs and as his wife, it’s my duty to meet those needs.’

Speaking of their wedding night she added: ‘It was awful I couldn’t handle the pain. I started crying and totally freaked out. I felt mad at myself for failing as a woman. I wanted to satisfy him.’

She goes on to explain that she called her mother to ‘help her’ and what her husband witnessed was her mother helping her to dilate.

This is common practice for Rokitansky sufferers post surgery and is usually done by using specially designed smooth cylinder-shaped objects designed for this purpose – vaginal dilators. 

Dr. Madeline Hernandez commented: ‘Women have to continually dilate themselves.

‘Treatment and therapy must happen continuously which means they have to deal with a lot of pain and psychological trauma.’

Hearing both sides of the story Ana María Polo grants the divorce much to Tania’s horror who, despite her husband’s accusations, says she still loves him. 

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