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Man Who BULLIED MAGA Hat Teen Breaks His Silence And Admits Why He Did It

Kino Jimenez, 30, the man who bullied a teen wearing a Make America Great Again hat is finally breaking his silence and of course, it is not his fault, but the teens.

Here is more from Daily Caller:

 On his way out of jail early Friday morning, he tried at first to avoid a KSAT 12 News camera.

Once the camera was turned off, he spoke briefly, saying what happened was a lapse in judgment that was out of character for him.

 Jimenez said seeing the hat had the same effect on him that a Ku Klux Klan hood would have had.
Jimenez is now saying that after the incident went viral his family has been receiving death threats, and somehow we are supposed to feel sorry for him. I don’t think so.
At any rate, Jimenez has lost his part-time job at the Rumble Bar and the Green Party also disavowed him saying that  “aggression” against children was not supported.
This latest incident just goes to show you how unhinged the left has become in their hatred toward Trump and hopefully in time, it will change.

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