Maxine Waters Slammed Finally With House Call To Censure, Resign

A Republican lawmaker, Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona, slapped Rep. Maxine Waters with a measure of censure and a call to resign.

The bigger shock here is that it took that long for someone in the House to take this action.

Waters has been a thorn in the Democrats’ side — albeit a gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans — since the beginning of President Donald Trump’s administration because of her over-the-top rhetoric and Tourette syndrome-like rantings. Some on the left no doubt share her deranged views; others, of less fire and brimstone, have perhaps kept silent on her raging because they regard her media appearances in the vein of a useful idiot taking center stage.

But in recent weeks, she’s grown progressively more bizarre — dangerous, even.

“If you think we’re rallying now,” Waters just said during a rally in Los Angeles, “you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you see anybody from that [Trump] Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

And so the left has indeed been doing, most recently booting Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary, from a restaurant in Virginia — and then reportedly following along to catcall as members of her family went to a different diner to eat. Want to see more of the effect of what Waters has been calling for, in action?

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