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Michelle Obama’s ‘Non-Partisan’ Voter Organization Outed As Frauds

Nonpartisan means something isn’t partisan (duh) or biased toward one political group, so it’s a little odd to see the term applied to an organization made up entirely of Democrats and their operatives.

So it goes with Michelle Obama’s voter registration organization When We All Vote, which claims to be nonpartisan despite the fact that not a single known conservative, Republican, or Libertarian is anywhere to be seen. But the left-leaning media certainly wants everyone to think this organization is “nonpartisan,” as they keep stressing this in articles about the group.

 The Associated Press’ White House reporter, Zeke Miller, is the latest to use this word to describe the group in a tweet saying Obama will headline voter registration rallies in major cities at the end of the month.

He’s referring to When We All Vote, and was quickly called out by conservatives for his use of “nonpartisan” to describe the organization. Let’s take a look at who is involved with the group.


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