Migrants Build Deep Traps With Metal Shards To Stop Local Police

It is no secret that Europe is being overrun by migrants and their governments are sitting by allowing it to happen on a daily basis. These bleeding heart liberals in their desire to appear all-inclusive and diverse are allowing dangerous Muslim migrants to pour into their countries without proper vetting. This behavior has essentially plunged the continent into chaos, and it will only continue to get worse until the people stand up and push against it. Now, Muslim migrants are employing a new technique to in their fight to spread Sharia Law across the land, and France is feeling the brunt of these actions.

The technique these Muslim migrants are being borrowed from a horrific time period in our countries history, the Vietnam War. As many people know one of the tactics the Vietnamese soldiers used was a series of booby traps that were used to protect their land. A popular method was digging pits lined with sharpened sticks at the bottom and covering the pits with the brush to disguise the trap. The soldiers would come across these traps and plunge to their deaths in horrifying fashion. Well, there are now reports that Muslim migrants are using this technique to trap unsuspecting police and citizens across the land. This information came through one of its French readers named Alexandre, who claimed these actions were made in the French district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix.

Here is more from Conservative Daily Post:

According to the editor of The Geller Report and President of the American Freedom Defensive Initiative, Pamela Geller, some Muslim migrants in France are digging some kinds of “tiger traps” in order to catch police officers at night. Apparently, the pits even have sharp objects on the bottom and are perfectly covered up so no one can see them at night.

This information came through one of its French readers named Alexandre, who claimed these actions were made in the French district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix. The reader informed that several residents had delivered photographs of the holes and testimonies explaining the details of this situation.

Apparently, the perpetrators are a group of young individuals who dug holes 60 cm deep on average and covered them with sharp objects inside in order injure police officers at night during pursuit races. The reader told that residents alerted police officers about this issue and they went to the scene to check the reported claims.

According to the Pew Research Center, France has the second largest Muslim population among European Union members, with 4.7 million people that correspond to 7.5 percent of the entire French population.



How much more proof is needed for the naysayers to understand that Islam is not a religion of peace but of terror. There is no more room for understanding until we see some of the so-called moderate Muslims stand up and fight back. Until that time we have to assume they are all dangerous and mean us harm. The Koran states numerous times that they will be rewarded for jihad. It’s time to wake up people.

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